Oct 09, 2023

Recently, ATFX once again found itself in the financial spotlight, garnering attention from both the industry and global investors with the allure of its brand and reputation. Invited guests, including Joe Li, Chairman of ATFX, and Wei Qiang Zhang, Managing Director of ATFX UK, participated in the opening ceremony of the 5th “Derivatives Challenge John Hull Award” held at the Mexican Stock Exchange. As a prominent guest at the event, Joe Li, Chairman of ATFX, was invited to deliver an important speech.

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From left to right: Wei Qiang Zhang (Managing Director of ATFX UK), José Oriol (CEO of the Mexican Stock Exchange), Joe Li (Chairman of ATFX)


Joe Li pointed out,

“Financial instruments have multifaceted applications and have become the cornerstone of modern financial markets. They offer powerful support to institutions and investors, including the ability to manage risk, optimise portfolio performance, and leverage price movements without the need to own the underlying assets. However, with the advent of this potential, there is also a need for profound understanding and prudent management.”

At the same time, he emphasised ATFX’s alignment with the spirit of innovation at the Mexican Stock Exchange, highlighting that ATFX is a global company with similar values.

It is worth noting that this conference received significant attention from the local and Latin American financial systems in Mexico. Key figures such as José Oriol, CEO of the Mexican Stock Exchange; Jesús De la Fuente, from the National Banking and Securities Commission of Mexico; and María del Carmen Bonilla, from the Ministry of Finance and Public Credit (SHCP) of Mexico, were in attendance.

As global markets become increasingly interconnected, and with ATFX’s rapid expansion, we have a local presence in 17 locations across all five continents worldwide. Each office, leveraging its localised resilience and extensive adaptability, has consistently proven itself as a secure and stable advocate. In this era of rapid development, ATFX will continue to innovate and proactively enhance the trading experience for its global customers, empowering them to navigate market changes effectively and achieve new levels of success.

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