Jul 24, 2023

On July 10, 2023, the Thai qualifying round for the Duke of Edinburgh Cup golf tournament took place at the Thai Country Club in Bangkok, Thailand. It is worth mentioning that this is the first time the Duke of Edinburgh Cup has held a qualifying round in Southeast Asia. As the main official partner of the event, the ATFX brand provided participating players with competition supplies and more throughout the venue in a dominant manner. Additionally, the event raised over one million Thai baht (approximately $290,000) for the Duke of Edinburgh Cup charity fund.

atfx doe thailand official partner

At this Thai tournament, golfers from over 20 countries gathered, including the United Kingdom, United States, Ireland, Australia, Italy, South Korea, Thailand, Malaysia, and Vietnam. The players displayed their skills on the green field, engaging in challenging golf competitions and creating numerous memorable moments for the audience.

As an official partner, ATFX carefully planned an unforgettable golf day, bringing together esteemed partners and clients to provide them with an extraordinary experience.

The Bangkok qualifying round was a doubles tournament, and the highest-scoring pair is invited to participate at the Duke of Edinburgh Cup World Finals held in September in the United Kingdom. ATFX will also appear as an official sponsor at the finals in September. In October 2023, we will also be present at the Duke of Edinburgh Cup in Turkey, providing the participants with the high-quality service that a top-notch event deserves.

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