2022 IB World Cup Contest


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Start: 00:00am (GMT+8), 1st October 2022
End: 23:59pm (GMT+8), 31st December 2022

Update everyday.
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2022 IB World Cup Contest

  • Every IB participant of the contest receives Contest Points based on the Live trading volume generated by their introduced new Live client accounts during the contest period.
  • Only new Live client accounts opened during the contest period are accounted in the calculation of the Contest Points.
  • Every 0.01 lot traded by an introduced new client equals to 0.01 Contest Points.
  • There will be a X2 multiplier on Contest Points generated on Copytrade follower accounts under the IB.
  • There will be a X3 multiplier to the total Contest Points received in the month if he/she introduced 5 or more new clients to us in the same month.
  • There will be a X5 multiplier to the Contest Points generated on clients’ accounts for the month if their net deposit exceed 10,000 USD in the same month.

1st place


Air Tickets to World Cup Champion Country (2 pax)

2nd place


3rd place


4th to 10th Place: US$500

Total : US$25,000 Prizes

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This promotion is only valid in Taiwan, The Philippines, Malaysia, Thailand, Vietnam, South Korea, Cambodia, Myanmar, Indonesia and Brunei Darussalam.