May 23, 2023

Recently, ATFX charitable endeavors have set sail once again. The ATFX Thailand team participated in a volunteer camp project organized by third-year students from the School of Computer Engineering at Rajamangala University of Technology Lanna. The project aimed to provide educational equipment for children’s development in schools by the year 2023. ATFX extended their heartfelt assistance to students at Ban Sop Wak School in Chiang Mai, Thailand.

During this charitable event, ATFX not only made practical contributions but also assisted the school in various tasks such as painting, cleaning, creating room signs, repairing ceilings and tiled areas. Their sincere help was greatly appreciated by the teachers and students. In addition to providing educational equipment to the students of Ban Sop Wak School, the ATFX team also privately addressed students’ queries regarding the use and operation of the educational equipment.

thailand csr atfx

Currently, ATFX philanthropic efforts have encompassed various fields including environmental protection, public health, poverty alleviation through education, youth education, disaster prevention, and mitigation. However, ATFX has placed particular emphasis on poverty alleviation through education and youth education. The company firmly believes in the power of education and knowledge, as these two factors can undoubtedly bring about significant personal growth. Therefore, ATFX has consistently shown concern for educational development in their philanthropic endeavors, especially in schools with limited resources. They also hope to support similar initiatives that can improve the living standards of the community.

ATFX is deeply committed to philanthropy and actively practices corporate responsibility. Their long-standing commitment to social responsibility reflects the true essence of their brand’s charitable endeavors. In the future, they will continue to integrate and collaborate with charitable organizations, working together to further advance philanthropic causes.

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