Dear Clients,

Walmart announced its 3-for-1 share split will take place on Feb 23rd. This means every 1 share of Walmart Inc held by investors will be split to 3 shares. Meantime, the share price of WMT will be adjusted to one third.

As the CFD product #WMT provided by ATFX is derived from the Exchange-traded stock Walmart Inc, the product’s price will also undergo the share split rule.

SymbolProductCorporate ActionDate
#WMTWalmart Inc CFD3-for-1 share split23 Feb 2024

The example below describes how #WMT 3-for-1 share split affects current holding position.

TypeVolume (Lot)Open priceTrade date
Buy100170.40Before 23 February 2024
Buy30056.80After 23 February 2024
TypeVolume (Lot)Open priceTrade date
Sell100170.40Before 23 February 2024
Sell30056.80After 23 February 2024


  1. All pending orders Take Profit/Stop loss/Buy Limit/Sell Limit/Buy Stop/Sell Stop will be DELETED on 23 February 2024 after market closed.
  2. In order to ensure the price stability after the share split and to avoid affecting clients’ transactions, the start trading time of #WMT will be delayed by 5 minutes on 26 February 2024. It means the trading time start from 16:38 MT4 system time!!

Please feel free to contact us via email: [email protected] or call: 400-1200-143 if you have any questions.