Sep 18, 2022

ATFX launched its own drift team in Amman Jordan on 9 September 2022 and held its launch ceremony at the Ritz Carlton Amman, Jordan. ATFX is the first CFD and Forex broker to launch a drift team, hence, the event attracted a lot of attention.atfx drift car

On that day, local internet and industry celebrities, influencers, mainstream media, and important guests from the drift field gathered for the ceremony. ATFX Chairman Joe Li attended the ceremony and shared his strong interest in the Drift team with all people. He hoped that through cross-border cooperation, more investors around the world could understand ATFX’s high-speed, high-standard, and high-quality brand characteristics.

After the launch, the fintech broker announced that it partnered with Ahmad Daham, the Middle East drifting champion with over 150 podiums. Ahmad is also a Guinness world record holder and one of the best drifters alive today.

atfx drift team ahmad daham podium winnerThe partnership has quickly paid off as the ATFX drift team just won its first competition. Ahmad Daham emerged as the winner during the Tandem Drift Championship final, which took place at the Jordan Rally Car Service Park at the Dead Sea on Sept 16th. ATFX continues to extend its list of industry firsts by sponsoring a drifting team as the sport matures and becomes more mainstream.

ATFX chose to sponsor a drift team because drifting as a sport bears many similarities to trading since it requires discipline and consistent training to be a good trader, which is the same formula for becoming a champion drifter.

The ATFX drift team still has 14 races left until the end of 2023, and fans should watch them to see how the team performs. ATFX clients should also bring the same championship mentality to their trading on a daily basis.

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