Feb 14, 2023

ATFX analysts still see the markets being dominated by oscillations in Q1 of 2023. As a leading fintech broker, ATFX analyst team has closely monitored the financial markets to provide our global customers with forward-looking reports. Given the economic situation in different countries and the Fed’s recent rate hike, the new Q1 Trader Magazine is released to offer deep insights into the opportunities available to investors in Q1. 

Martin Lam, ATFX Chief Analyst for the Asia Pacific, gave his views on the “Global Financial Outlook 2023 Q1”. In this issue of the Trader Magazine, he outlined the “key points” for investors seeking opportunities amid interest rate hikes by global central banks and the increased risk of an economic slowdown and a broader economic downturn.

Mohammed Shanti, ATFX Senior Market Analyst (MENA), focuses on the “US Equity Index”. According to Shanti, “Inflation has fallen from its peak over the past few months. As a result of this optimism, the US stock market has rebounded sharply, recovering some of its decline in the past year.”

Dr. Mohamed Nabawy, ATFX MENA Market Analyst, dives deep into the “EU Equity Index”. With monetary tightening, the 2023 European equity index could decline due to the potential risk of an economic recession as the main factor and the monthly table of DAX30 and FTSE as additional factors. Dr. Mohamed Nabawy gives investors a clearer picture of the most likely EU index movements in Q1.

Jessica Lin, ATFX (Asia Pacific) Global Market Analyst, is an expert on gold, silver, and the USD/CAD. Through her analysis, readers can clearly understand the inherent opportunities in gold and silver and the opportunities and challenges faced by investors in a volatile market.

Jason Tee, ATFX (Asia Pacific) Global Market Strategist, shares his views on the trends of crude oil in Q1 in the magazine. In addition to the above analyst columns, ATFX LATAM Market Analyst Eduardo Ramos, ATFX Guest Analyst Dean Chen, and ATFX Market Analyst (Vietnam) Linh Tran also provide detailed analysis of the USD/MXN, USD/JPY, EUR/USD, USD/CNH, and the “Eurozone economy”.

atfx trader magazine Q1 2023

This is the 8th issue of the quarterly Trader Magazine, created with great effort from ATFX team of global analysts. Using their in-depth knowledge of the financial markets and cumulative experience, the analysts wrote forward-looking reports for ATFX clients and investors, trying to summarize global macroeconomic dynamics in a single magazine issue. In the future, our analysts will continue to provide you with more detailed market reports through various columns.

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