Ogo 19, 2019

AT Global Markets Limited (AT Global), the leading online trading services provider, announced the launch of a new office, AT Global Markets Malaysia (AT Malaysia), in Austin Heights, Johor Bahru on 24 March 2018.

AT Global looks to continue to accommodate rapid growth and leverage the diverse high-technology talent pool, having already opened offices in Philippines and Taiwan since entering Southeast Asia in 2017.

Dedicated to help others succeed, AT Malaysia provides trading education and consultation services to traders and IBs in Malaysia and Singapore. Strategically located in the business hub of Malaysia, this allows optimal access for clients, IBs, associates and partners.

“Malaysia is one of the most vibrant countries in Southeast Asia. It is a country that offers many advantages as a trading destination and it backed by sound economic fundamentals with promising prospects, said Mr Keith Lee, CEO, AT Malaysia. “The goal at AT Malaysia is to help traders who are entering the Malaysian market to succeed.”

Following its launch, the company has plans to double its headcount by 2018, as it aims to establish a strong footprint in the country. This confidence is backed by the secure, state-of-the-art cutting-edge trading platform that is simple and straightforward, with conventional processes for clients and IBs.

AT Global is committed to conducting regular seminars, with consultation services and trading education, in Malaysia. AT Malaysia looks to provide a holistic service which includes the trading platform, along with a team of skilled and experienced professionals, allowing clients to gain access to comprehensive trading services.

As part of its Malaysian office launch, AT Malaysia held a seminar, “Modern FinTech, Creating a Future Together” and a dinner attended by 150 retail traders and IBs. Key speakers at the seminar include Mr. Eric Yang, CEO, Smartcopytrade, AT Global’s Martin Lam, Chief Analyst Asia Pacific and Mr. Ben Robson, CEO, Spectrex Commodities. Notable attendees at the grand opening include, Mr. Keith Lee, CEO, AT Global Markets Malaysia, Mr. Jeff Hsu, Managing Director, AT Global, Southeast Asia and the captioned speakers of the seminar.

The seminar provided insight on cryptocurrency markets and trading and the roundtable discussed latest market trends and analysis methodologies. AT Global also showcased their client portal, accessible by mobile, and the different trading instruments.

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