Jul 14, 2022

As the world’s largest financial EXPO, the iFX International EXPO held in Cyprus from June 8th to 9th has gained the trust of thousands of brands worldwide. The exhibition has not only built a bridge for global investors to communicate with brokers but also announced the winners of the 2022 FinTech Awards during the conference. ATFX won the title of “Best Global Broker” recognition of its efforts over the years. 

EXPO participants and the entire industry closely watch the “Best Global Broker” award. It attracts worldwide attention because it is awarded to the company with the best investment solutions in the industry. The award shows that the business conducted by the broker has set the industry benchmark. A company that can win this award in the highly competitive financial services market must have vital attributes. 

The award is issued by Ultimate Fintech and is announced during the iFX International Expo. It has gradually become one of the industry’s most high-profile and large-scale annual awards events. In addition, ATFX is also the official global partner for the EXPO in 2022. 

ATFX said that it continues to set new records in the rapidly evolving industry because it listens to the “voice” of customers. After getting feedback, the broker places great significance on its staff setting and meeting higher requirements to satisfy customer needs. Our team can clearly understand customer ideas, which is why ATFX stands out in the fiercely competitive financial industry. 

ATFX has always encouraged innovation in the forex brokerage industry. Despite the company’s rapid growth, ATFX continues improving its operating model, leading to multiple innovations and breakthroughs. During the unstable global market conditions from March 2020 to 2021, ATFX still grew its trading volume, business cooperation and other aspects. In the future, ATFX intends to use its growing brand power to create a more open and diversified financial market.

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