Feb 10, 2018

Continuing with its efforts to create awareness regarding its cutting-edge services and online platform, ATFX hosted a seminar at the Astoria Plaza in Manila, Philippines, on February 10, 2018. The seminar proved to be a huge success with over 100 participants attending and growing their knowledge about the financial markets, especially in trading cryptocurrencies and forex.

One of the key speakers at the seminar was ATFX’s Martin Lam, Chief Analyst Asia Pacific, who kicked off the seminar, speaking about the fundamentals of trading knowledge and gave useful insights on the trading markets and instruments. He further discussed the cryptocurrency markets and trading.

Jeff Hsu, Managing Director of South East Asia shared his knowledge on how to use the trading tool effectively such as trading indicator and the various risks associated with the forex market. Seminar attendees received valuable information on how they can take advantage of the forex market. The information was well received by both novice and veteran retail traders attending the seminar.

The afternoon session focused on highlighting ATFX value proposition to traders and introducing the audience to our user-friendly online trading platform. Participants also learnt about the Company’s client-centric support services that help each trader get into the markets – from learning how to use a demo account to finally investing real money via a live account.

The Manila seminar was a great way to introduce the audience to the different kinds of trading instruments, helping them understand the pros and cons of each, while also introducing them to the latest instrument, cryptocurrencies. With cryptocurrencies having had such a successful run in 2017, there is a lot of market interest in this instrument at present, making this a good time to help traders learn more about digital currencies and how to trade them.

We received great feedback from participants, one of the participants stated “Having been to their offices and seminar, I can say they are committed to providing education to Filipinos in Forex Trading.” Another participant mentioned “learning the basics of forex and crypto trading, with tips on risk management and goal setting”. Participants appreciated for the free trading seminar ATFX provide, they look forward to joining the seminar organized by us later. It proved very useful for participants, who had the opportunity to learn some useful trading tips from market veterans.

ATFX is committed to holding regular seminars through 2018, with another seminar scheduled for Taiwan and Malaysia in March.

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