Jun 17, 2024

ATFX has announced a significant enhancement to its global trading infrastructure with the integration of PriceOn™ from TraderTools. ATFX is set to revolutionise how the firm manages trading flows from current institutional and retail clients, ultimately improving pricing and execution experiences, alongside attracting new clients with data and risk metrics driven confident, unique pricing.

Enhancing Client Experience

PriceOn will empower ATFX to manage trading flows more effectively and efficiently, ensuring clients benefit from superior execution and competitive pricing. The advanced technology underpinning PriceOn, which leverages artificial intelligence and sophisticated algorithms, is designed to handle complex client flows seamlessly. This capability will enable institutional clients flows to match with a broad range of retail client flows, (and vice-versa) even those with challenging characteristics, without compromising execution performance.

ATFX Integrates PriceOn by TraderTools to Enhance Global Group Trading Efficiency

Advanced Technology and Client-Centric Approach

PriceOn’s AI-based algorithms represent the cutting edge of trading technology, providing precise and strategic execution that maximises profitability for clients. Unlike traditional models, this partnership focuses on delivering enhanced returns for ATFX global clients.

Building an Integrated Trading Ecosystem

By integrating PriceOn, ATFX is bridging the gap between retail and institutional trading environments, fostering a cohesive ecosystem that supports diverse global trading needs. This strategic move aligns with ATFX’s broader project of creating an integrated trading environment where different client types can interact seamlessly.

Client-Centric Vision

As Chairman of ATFX, Joe Li expressed his excitement about the integration of PriceOn from TraderTools to enhance ATFX pricing. He stated,

“This strategic partnership will revolutionise our pricing capabilities and provide our clients with more competitive and accurate pricing. We are committed to constantly adapting and improving our services to meet the ever-evolving needs of our clients.”

The integration of PriceOn into the ATFX platform is the latest milestone that underscores the company’s dedication to innovation and excellence in trading solutions. Acquisition of regulatory licences in South Africa and Australia, hiring of key senior industry executives and now the integration of PriceOn positions ATFX as a vanguard of the industry.

This strategic enhancement will not only improve pricing but also provide clients with a more efficient and profitable trading experience.

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