Oct 19, 2021

Products and services are the key ingredients that support a company’s sustainable development. In addition, a diverse product portfolio can satisfy the needs of a broad customer base making the company more competitive in the market.

As a leading global CFD broker, ATFX is committed to offering customers a safe, honest and stable trading environment combined with industry-leading products and services. Meanwhile, we are always looking to introduce new products based on consumer trends, needs and feedback. Hence, ATFX team launches in-demand products that resonate with most of our target clientele as we strive to provide customers with the optimal product portfolio.

So far, ATFX has developed a comprehensive product portfolio, covering currency pairs, commodities, indices, crude oil, stocks and other CFD products. In addition, we offer over 200 tradable products, including shares of leading companies in fields such as technology, energy, health care, aviation, transportation, and banking.

As a “customer-centered” broker, ATFX is constantly expanding its product range. Recently, in line with our customer’s demands, and market trends, ATFX has launched 113 US stock CFDs, which include hot Chinese companies such as XPeng Motors and Tencent Music, which are listed in the US, along with 11 French stock CFDs. The new CFD products are available to its global clientele. So far, ATFX offers over 300 tradable instruments to clients,  273 of which are stock CFD products.

A pool of global auto giants

The new products launched this time around include many leading companies in the auto industry. For example, we have introduced several new energy automotive company CFDs, including leading Chinese electric vehicle manufacturers such as Li Auto, XPeng, and related company CFDs such as Didi Global ADR and Autohome.

Furthermore,  ATFX already offers several leading CFD products in the global auto industry, such as Volkswagen, one of the largest global automakers. Tesla, a global leader in the electric vehicle industry and General Motors, a leading US vehicle manufacturer. These are just a tiny part of ATFX’s automotive company CFD products, ATFX already offered CFD products on Ferrari, Toyota, NIO, BMW, and Daimler to the clients. 

As part of efforts to expand the product range, ATFX has included the world’s most in-demand companies in one platform, enabling customers to buy CFD products of these companies and profit from changes in their prices. Moreover, we have expanded our product portfolio by bringing in stocks that are well known to its clients globally and allowing them to trade CFDs of the same stocks. 

It is worth mentioning that among the new CFD products launched, ATFX also included 11 CFDs of French companies well-known across the globe. These companies include Airbus Group, Hermès, Louis Vuitton, Michelin, and L’Oréal. Nearly all of these companies are leaders in their respective industries. 

As a leader in the global cosmetics industry, L’Oréal’s cosmetics target the mid-end and high-end markets. Its brands are well-known worldwide, such as Helena Rubinstein, Lancôme, Giorgio Armani, Yves Saint Laurent, and Kiehl’s. Additionally,  top luxury brands Hermès and Louis Vuitton produce the world’s finest leather goods and are adored by people from all over the world.  Furthermore, the Michelin Group is a global leader in tire technology and one of the biggest tire manufacturers globally. The company also has exceptional performance in driver assistance systems and travel services.

Based on insights into customer needs and leveraging its global presence,  ATFX carefully chose each product launched to meet customers’ needs. The new products also include leading companies in the technology, health care, banking, semiconductor, catering, food, energy, and communications industries.

As for US stocks, ATFX launched Yum! Brands, Blackstone, Vale, Sony Group, Motorola Solutions, Morgan Stanley, Moderna, Wells Fargo, and many more. For Chinese technology stocks, the broker included rapidly growing firms such as Lufax Holdings Ltd. and Vipshop. 

Yum! Brands is a catering group with the largest restaurant network globally as it owns five world-famous brands, namely KFC, Pizza Hut, Taco Bell, A&W and LJS. In the Chinese market, Yum! Brands have exclusive operating rights and franchises of three brands—KFC, Pizza Hut and Taco Bell. Beyond that, Yum! Brands also have a controlling stake in the following restaurant chains  East Dawning, Little Sheep and COFFii & JOY.

When choosing a product, ATFX considers its size, market share, and trade volume and pays attention to whether it meets customer and market needs. Therefore,  ATFX provides customers with CFD products of global companies with solid assets and extraordinary strength in the market, such as Apple, IBM, JP Morgan Chase & Co., and Coca-Cola. ATFX also offers its customers CFD products of growing companies with excellent prospects and decent market value.

In an era where the financial markets change extremely fast, ATFX offers customers all-inclusive trading and investment products and services by leveraging technology, personnel and other resources. Furthermore, the significant number of high-impact CFD products introduced by ATFX this time further reinforces its strengths, bringing customers diverse choices and cementing its position as a market leader.

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