Apr 22, 2018

Following a successful showing from ATFX which in 2018 alone included the FinExpo’s Trader’s Fair, the financial services company plans to continue participating in, promoting and organizing financial education seminars in South East Asia by participating in FinanceShow’s Exhibition in Taiwan later this month.

Located in Taichung City, and with over a massive 3,000 in attendance, the famous financial B2B expo in Asia that started in 2017 is looking to build upon its recent success to remain a key event that binds the best financial minds and provide ongoing insights into the current state of affairs in the financial and trading world within Asia.

From ATFX’s point of view, the purpose is both simple and ideal: (1) Let market players know about its brand and the excellent services that can be provided, while simultaneously (2) having its experts share their breadth of knowledge of the FX market and update them on the latest information from the financial markets. The experts of the team have been invited by the organizer to be its forum speaker who will discuss “The effective way to trade the Forex market”. With over a hundred in attendance for the speech, the purpose is to educate traders not just on the fundamentals of trading the markets and its instruments, but sharing his knowledge on how to use various trading and risk tools effectively.

The recent ATFX strategies have attracted significant media attention, and in the latest interview its Managing Director of South East Asia, Mr. Jeff Hsu, explained the latest moves. When asked about ATFX’s business in Taiwan and the advantages of working with it, Mr. Hsu said that the future looked bright. “The prospect of TW’s businesses remains optimistic,” he explained, “and with a secure trading environment coupled with competitive offerings, we expect it to remain that way.”

In explaining the latest competitive offerings, he pointed that the new clients can get $100 Welcome Credit as they hit 15 lots volume, as well as its recent $2500 Rebate program. Mr. Hsu also referred to the multiple benefits of partnering with ATFX, reminding that “our partnerships are established with prior insight, guidance, and continued market and training support.”

In terms of future seminars, ATFX is committed to continue its path of attending events and holding regular seminars throughout the remainder of 2018, with more scheduled for Taiwan, the Philippines, and Thailand over the course of the next two months alone.

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