Jun 30, 2018

ATFX participated in multiple exhibitions across Southeast Asia this year. And following a successful showing in Taiwan, Thailand and the Philippines, the financial services company went to Malaysia at the end of June. The event, Traders Fair & Gala Night, held in Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia, combines tens of thousands of sponsors, participants, speakers, and attendees under one roof, and will be primarily focused on retail traders and IBs.

One of the key speakers at the seminar was ATFX’s Martin Lam, Chief Analyst of Asia Pacific, who kicked off the seminar, speaking about the “The Global Market Macroeconomics Outlook for the 2nd Half of 2018″. Mr. Lam has over 18 years of experience in the financial and investment industry and is regularly invited by media outlets in Hong Kong as well as globally to provide his trading market analysis. During the seminar, he gave useful insights about the financial markets and trading instruments, discussing the fundamentals of trading knowledge with the audience.

Another speaker, Mr. Ahmad Izzat, is a Trainer at ATFX. He discussed “Comprehensive Understanding of Gold Trading through Technical, Fundamental & Sentiment Analysis”, in line with over eight years of experience in forex and teaching experience. During the seminar, he provided trading knowledge in the movement of gold prices, the overall gold industry, and introduced the various historical support and resistance levels on the gold price chart to the audience.

The feedback has been very positive, as significant benefit is derived from ATFX’s services. After a successful trade fair, ATFX also participated in the Gala Night, a great opportunity for industry leaders to discuss the latest market updates, whilst simultaneously offering its participants a chance to network with seniors in the industry.

The financial brokerage also had some very positive meetings with introducing brokers (IBs), an area ATFX excels in. Highly skilled IBs are keen to partner with a firm that can be trusted to comply with the highest standards of service and transparency.

With that in mind, the leading financial services company is looking to organize and participate in more events in the near future, continuing its company culture of educating and training both IBs and traders, a principle ATFX firmly believes in. For it’s next participation, it’s off to Trader Fair of Thailand in August!

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