Sep 15, 2023

Shares in the British semiconductor company ARM Holdings enjoyed a successful debut on the New York Stock Exchange on Tuesday, and could continue to rise in the future.

ARM 15 MinChart

ARM: 15 MinChart

The ARM share chart is based on 15-minute intervals due to the first-day listing, but it will be a topic of discussion in the coming days or weeks.

Arm’s initial public offering (IPO) was the most anticipated and largest of the year. It was priced at \$51 per share, but closed at \$63.59 per share, valuing the company at \$65 billion. The company had expected to be valued at \$51 billion. Arm, which is 90% owned by Japan’s SoftBank Group, closed at \$63.59 per share on Thursday in the United States.

Arm, a semiconductor chip design company headquartered in Cambridge, England, employs over 2,500 people. It is a major player in the booming chip industry. Arm was previously listed on the London Stock Exchange, but it will now be listed on the Nasdaq exchange in New York.

Kyle Rodda, the senior market analyst at, said it was “the most hyped listing we’ve had in the markets for a while”.

Arm was also the third-largest initial public offering (IPO) ever held on the Nasdaq stock exchange, trailing only Facebook’s $16 billion IPO in 2012 and Rivian Automotive’s $12 billion IPO two years ago.

In the coming trading sessions, it is anticipated that there will be news on the performance of Arm and its implications for the AI and chip-making sectors.

The Nasdaq 100 also advanced on the day, as investors expressed optimism that the US economy would experience a soft landing.

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