Feb 14, 2022

The acquisition of the troubled Activision in January 2022 has made Microsoft the most lucrative stock to invest in this year, with a promising future. Microsoft is set to become a dominant player in cloud gaming and the metaverse arena by acquiring Activision. This year, these two sectors are expected to gain traction, and Microsoft is well-positioned to exploit their growth. Of course, the metaverse is a virtual world and is regarded as the next imminent evolution of the internet. Until its acquisition by Microsoft, Activision was the second-largest game studio globally, with revenues of about $8 billion. However, Microsoft intends to acquire the gaming giant for $68.7 billion.

What lies ahead for Microsoft investors?

It is good to recap that the global video gaming market is a $200 billion market which doubled due to the Pandemic. Many people were stuck at home, so they tended to play video games on their smartphones and computers. Microsoft is probably going to push gamers to play games on the cloud. This will yield great dividends for Microsoft investors this year.

At present, Microsoft stock is trading at $295.04. Most analysts expect the stock to maintain bullish momentum for the rest of 2022 to reach a high of $380.


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