Dear Clients,

ATFX is expanding the instruments pool for clients to trade since 27th August 2018 (Monday). For more details, please visit the Product Specifications page on our website.

ProductNameMinimum SpreadsSession Starts (Mon)Session Closes (Fri)Trading Break (Mon-Thu)
EURHUFEuro/Hungarian Forint18.001:0122:5923:59-00:01
EURPLNEuro/Polish Zloty25.001:0122:5923:59-00:01
USDCZKUS Dollar/Czech Koruna200.001:0122:5923:59-00:01
USDDKKUS Dollar/Danish Krone18.001:0122:5923:59-00:01
USDHUFUS Dollar/Hungarian Forint15.001:0122:5923:59-00:01
USDMXNUS Dollar/Mexican Peso50.001:0122:5923:59-00:01
USDNOKUS Dollar/Norwegian Krone35.001:0122:5923:59-00:01
USDPLNUS Dollar/Polish Zloty15.001:0122:5923:59-00:01
USDRUBUS Dollar/Russian Ruble300.009:0122:2922:29-09:01
USDTRYUS Dollar/Turkish Lira20.001:0122:5923:59-00:01
USDSEKUS Dollar/Swedish Krone23.001:0122:5923:59-00:01
USDZARUS Dollar/South Africa Rand31.001:0122:5923:59-00:01


  1. Min Spread: Will increase due to the Market volatility
  2. Trading Hours: The time is set to be GMT+2 (Greenwich Mean Time), For Quotes and Trade sessions details, please refer to the product specifications on the platform.


Please feel free to contact us if you have any questions. Thank you very much for your kind attention!