We, ATFX, have become aware of some people and organisation calling themselves as representatives of ATFX online, who allegedly stating that they are able to offer various trading products and services, even claiming that they can provide 100% Guaranteed products and dividends would be issued for traders when joining their investment pool.

We hereby make solemn and solemn declaration that those investment invitation messages were not delivered by ATFX and have not any authorization, consent and permission from our company. We are not responsible for the information contained therein and we take no responsibility for any economic outcome by participating in the investment services that operated or purported to be provided by such fake parties.

We reserve all rights to pursue legal action against any party for infringement of our legal rights, including impersonation of the corporate names and/or trademarks of our company, and any relevant suspicious, dishonest or fraudulent acts.

To make enquiries or trade with ATFX, customers and members of the public are advised to take the utmost care in ensuring that their requests and correspondence are directed to us (or authorised ATFX IB Partners). And we wish to remind the customers and members of the public that the ONLY official website of ATFX is: www.atfx-gm.com/gm/en/.

Any clients or members of the public who have any queries, please contact us via [email protected] .