We would like to inform you that the trading conditions of the instruments listed below will change starting on Monday, November 12, 2018. Please note the updated changes below:

IndexNameCurrent Minimum SpreadNew Minimum SpreadCurrent Trading MarginNew Trading Margin
CHI50FTSE China A50 Index (CFD)15.08.02,000 USD1:100 Leverage
HK50Hong Kong HSI Index (CFD)14.08.030,000 HKD1:100 Leverage
AUS200Australian S&P/ASX Index (CFD)6.04.02,000 AUD1:100 Leverage
EU50Euro Stoxx 50 Index (CFD)4.02.51,800 EUR1:100 Leverage
FRA40French CAC 40 Index (CFD)4.02.51,800 EUR1:100 Leverage
GER30German 30 Index (CFD)5.03.52,000 EUR1:100 Leverage
JP225Japan Nikkei 225 Index (CFD)12.08.03,000 USD1:100 Leverage
UK100UK FTSE 100 Index (CFD)4.03.01,300 GBP1:100 Leverage
US30US Dow Jones 30 Index (CFD)5.03.83,600 USD1:100 Leverage
NAS100US NASDAQ 100 Index (CFD)3.62.52,000 USD1:100 Leverage
SPX500US S&P 500 Index (CFD)2.51.52,000 USD1:100 Leverage
Crude OilNameCurrent Minimum SpreadNew Minimum SpreadCurrent Trading MarginNew Trading Margin
USOIL.MMMYYUS WTI Crude Oil Futures Contract (CFD)5.05.0 (Unchanged)1,200 USD1:100 Leverage

Moreover, ATFX will launch the following products for you to trade starting on Monday, November 19, 2018. Please note the latest products and their respective details below:

ProductNameMinimum spreadTrading MarginTrading hours (Monday to Friday)
HKCH50Hong Kong China H-Shares Spot Index (CFD)8.01:100 Leverage03:16-06:00, 07:00-10:30, 11:15-18:59
ESP35Spain IBEX35 Spot Index (CFD)6.01:100 Leverage10:01-20:59
IT40Italy MIB 40 Spot Index (CFD)10.01:100 Leverage10:01-18:39
UKOIL.MMMYYUK BRENT Crude Oil Futures Contract (CFD)5.01:100 Leverage03:01-23:59


1. Min Spread: The change in spreads is subject to market volatility.

2. Trading margin changes from fixed amount to fixed leverage. Margin calculation method: Execution price x lots x contract size/100.

3. The times mentioned above are MT4 server time GMT+2. The above schedule may be subject to change without prior notice.

Please feel free to contact us if you have any questions.