Dear Clients,

NVIDIA announced its 10-for-1 share split will take place after market close on June 7th. This means every 1 share of NVIDIA Corp. held by investors will be split to 10 shares. Meantime, the share price of NVIDIA will be adjusted to one tenth.

As the CFD product #NVDA provided by ATFX is derived from the Exchange-traded stock NVIDIA Corp., the product’s price will also undergo the share split rule.

SymbolProductCorporate ActionDate
#NVDANVIDIA Corp. CFD10-for-1 share split7 June 2024


The example below describes how #NVDA 10-for-1 share split affects current holding position.

TypeVolume (Lot)Open priceTrade date
Buy100950.50Before 7 June 2024 market close
Buy100095.05After 7 June 2024 market close


TypeVolume (Lot)Open priceTrade date
Sell100950.50Before 7 June 2024 market close
Sell100095.05After 7 June 2024 market close


  1. All pending orders Take Profit/Stop loss/Buy Limit/Sell Limit/Buy Stop/Sell Stop will be DELETED on 7 June 2024 after market closed.
  2. In order to ensure the price stability after the share split and to avoid affecting clients’ transactions, the start trading time of #NVDA will be delayed by 5 minutes on 10 June 2024. It means the trading time start from 16:38 MT4 system time!!


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