Dear clients,

The following table is the information on upcoming dates of ex-dividend or other corporate actions for the underlying stocks of our Share ETF CFD.

SymbolCompany Ex-Dividend DateDividend
#MCOMoodys Corporation(CFD)22-02-20240.5950 USD
#HLTHilton Worldwide Holdings Inc(CFD)22-02-20240.1050 USD
#DALDelta Air Lines Inc(CFD)23-02-20240.0700 USD
#IFXInfineon Technologies AG(CFD)26-02-20240.2577 EUR
#QCOMQualcomm  Inc.(CFD)28-02-20240.5600 USD
#GSGoldman Sachs Group, Inc. (CFD)28-02-20241.9250 USD
#MCDMcDonald’s Corporation(CFD)29-02-20241.1690 USD
#PEPPepsiCo Inc(CFD)29-02-20240.8855 USD
#BACBank of America Corporation(CFD)29-02-20240.1680 USD
#GMGeneral Motors Company(CFD)29-02-20240.0840 USD
#LMTLockheed Martin Corporation(CFD)29-02-20242.2050 USD
#KKellogg Company(CFD)29-02-20240.3920 USD
#TMUST-Mobile US Inc (CFD)29-02-20240.4550 USD
#TSNTyson Foods Inc (CFD)29-02-20240.3430 USD

Please note that the dividend or price adjustment amounts listed are provided for reference by our Liquidity Provider only. These figures are subject to change.

Clients who hold CFD stocks or ETFs until the ex-dividend date listed below will receive or be charged dividends if they buy or sell CFD shares or ETFs respectively. Dividends will not be received or charged on or after the ex-dividend date.

Clients who hold buy/long CFD shares or ETFs may receive dividends calculated as follows:
Dividend received = Share Dividend declared x no. of CFD shares in long position

Clients who hold sell/short CFD shares or ETFs may be charged dividends calculated as follows:
Dividend charged = Share Dividend declared x no. of CFD shares in short position

Note: The dividends will be paid or charged on the ex-dividend date in your trading account.


Please feel free to contact us if you have any questions.