May 31, 2023

On May 8, 2023, the Irbid Investment and Economic Conference took place at Yarmouk University in Irbid, Jordan. ATFX participated as an important exhibitor, showcasing its brand strength around three main themes: “Financial Technology Intelligent Achievements, Digital Efficiency Empowering Services, and Technological Integration in Investments.

Irbid Investment & Economic Conference in Jordan

The conference, centered around the theme of Economic & Investment Development Vision, attracted numerous local investors, institutions, and media participants. The Mayor of Irbid also attended the conference and delivered a speech.

As a significant exhibitor, ATFX presented various operational frameworks, including retail and technological innovation. The team members showcased ATFX’s technological innovation achievements, iterative service models, and diverse product offerings through live demonstrations and data visualization.

During the event, participants, local government officials, and ATFX team members engaged in in-depth discussions and explorations on topics such as further innovation in financial technology, technology empowerment for investors, and the application of financial big data. Guided by the ATFX team, attendees experienced the speed and accuracy of ATFX self-developed Adobe Sign electronic signature and facial recognition account opening processes, as well as other tools. The meticulous service attitude of the ATFX team also received high recognition from many participants at the event.

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