Apr 04, 2023

The list of winners of the Global Brand Magazine Awards 2023, hosted by Global Brands Magazine, was recently announced. Once more, ATFX won the ‘Best Global Forex MT4 Broker 2023’ award. It’s worth noting that this isn’t the first time ATFX has won such an award. The past years had seen ATFX win similar awards, such as the “Top 10 Hot Brands of the Year 2022”, “The Most Trusted Brand”, “Best Institutional Forex Broker”, “Best Global Broker”, etc. 


For an international broker with a global multi-asset perspective, ATFX knows that regional recognition is also great marketing for the brand. Of all the past awards, there are many regional ones, covering the Middle East, North Africa, Latin America, Southeast Asia, and Asia, etc. ATFX fully appreciates the great value of global awards but cannot downplay the glory of regional awards. After all, each award fully showcases the comprehensive strength of the ATFX platform and verifies customers’ trust in our brand. 

Currently, ATFX is in a period of high-growth and rapid development. Relying on the market experience accumulated in the past and its brand strength, the broker offers customers fintech-driven services of the highest quality. Our customers have recognized our efforts over the years, for which the broker has gained numerous awards and honors so that more investors have witnessed the growth in the brand’s strength. We that as it may, the past glory is a bygone, and we can only refer to it as a guide for our future actions. ATFX is committed to winning the long-term trust of its global clientele with highly competitive products and better service experience and will spare no effort in achieving this goal.

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